The Little Podcast That Could

Two years ago I was a crazy musician with a silly dream... to talk about football.

I still remember the looks from friends and co-workers when I said, "I have finally found my passion, and it's football sports talk." Some of the responses were shock, some were disbelief, and some simply laughed it off.

But that's OK. I've always felt like the key to life is finding your unique voice and pursuing a way to make that voice heard by the masses. Information. Opinion. Entertainment. Unique perspective. All of that has to come together with an infusion of passion to accomplish impact.

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In a Troubled Week, Bengals Provide NFL Some Good News

In a Troubled Week, Bengals Provide NFL Some Good News

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, I became a Bengals fan as soon as I learned what football was.

And let me tell you: It hasn't been easy to be a Bengals fan over the last 30 years. Where do I start? The heartbreak of Super Bowl XXIII, the leg break of Tim Krumrie. Dave Shula and Bruce Coslet can't coach, David Klingler and Akili Smith can't quarterback. Ki-Jana Carter crushes his leg, Kimo Von Oelhoffen crushes a season. Multiple arrests, multiple first-round playoff losses...

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Personal Responsibility

Finally, the NFL did the right thing and admitted their punishment of Ray "Tarzan" Rice was horrid.

They fixed their policy on domestic violence, admitted their failure and have made a strong statement moving forward. Owning and fixing failure, as I tweeted Thursday, is the measure of a man.

Why am I bringing this up today? Because the epidemic of passing off responsibility is growing in the NFL. Players have defended Josh Gordon's actions and blamed antiquated rules on marijuana consumption. Analysts say the potential tampering incident involving Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shouldn't matter because it's "just a friendly phone call."

It's completely asinine.

A rule is a rule, and grown-ass men should be smart enough to see this. I would expect this from a child... 'It wasn't my fault, because the teacher, blah blah blah." "I didn't know because, blah blah blah." These are millionaires and billionaires who think the rules don't apply to them.

Personally, I hope people like this get hit harder with the rule book simply because they continue to act like kids who are above the very rules they approved when agreeing to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


I work really hard to bring you top-notch talent and intelligent football analysis every week on The Jason Fitz Show, but on Wednesday, Sept. 3, we are opening up the NFL regular season with the biggest episode in TJFS history. 

This week, I will be joined by music legend Charlie Daniels, NFL Films' Greg Cosell and ESPN's Adam Schefter. Arguably the two greatest football analysts working today and the man who outfiddled the Devil on one show. What other Podcast is going to give you that next week?!?! I'm beyond excited to bring this show to you.

Please tell your friends, family, co-workers, enemies, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, and ANYBODY else you know to check out the for the show next week.

Have a safe and satisfying Labor Day Weekend, everybody!

- JF

The upcoming season of TJFS

We're finally making TJFS an interactive experience for our fans!  This season be on the look-out for hashtag contests, call in opportunities and... most importantly.... free stuff.

All this plus countless top notch guests, including nationally renowned beat writers, ESPN celebrities, NFL Films gurus, rock stars and more.

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lets talk collective bargaining

So, let's be honest here and acknowledge the CBA.  By rule, there are so many padded practices.... so many opportunities per week to work on true schemes.  If you are a team with a starting qb in the vein of Palmer, can you afford to look at Manziel as an option?!!?  How will he get time to work with the o in the same scheme as the typical o you are running week in and week out.



hype is dying.  He's still waiting.  And the Titans are now off the clock.  This is exactly the hype machine I talk about all the time on TJFS.  O line picks are BORING to fans.  That's a fact.  Love it or hate it, is an honest reality.  So, with so many big names available this is where the Titans go.  Now, the question becomes the price on moving up from round 2.  Also, it should be noted Chad Withrow on 104.5 came on TJFS last year and said post draft that the Titans had one of the best lines in the league.  And what does that lead to? Another pick used on the same unit.