Stupid Coaches off the field

Could Mike Pettine screw up the Browns' quarterback situation any worse? Is it possible for Mike Tomlin to have made a more terrible running back decision? What the hell are smart men thinking?

Two head coaches at the peak of their profession have proven you CAN actually coach with your head up your ass this week. Pettine makes a decision on a starting QB to supposedly stop the distraction. A day later he goes on nationally syndicated SiriusXM radio and makes the distraction relevant again by implying there are situations where Manziel could play. STUPID.

Tomlin "punishes" two players arrested for smoking and possessing marijuana by making them play in a preseason game. This move is a smack in the face to a league trying to be tough on drugs AND to all the fans being told preseason games are just as good as regular season games. Tomlin's handling of this is nothing short of incompetent.

Look, no one knows stupidity within a coaching staff as much as a Raiders fan. But what's shocking to me is this level of stupidity is being reported on without being analyzed by the very "experts" we look to for our NFL coverage.

Maybe we've all seen too much stupidity to give a damn, or maybe stupid is being asked to critique stupid. Either way, i's the fans and the league that suffer.

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