The Weekend Ahead...

What can we really hope to gain from this weekend's preseason action? It's a popular question among football fans and fans of The Jason Fitz Show.

Unfortunately, many of the weekend's preseason storylines seem to circle around Johnny Manziel.

Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine has stated he hopes to name a starting quarterback for Week One at Pittsburgh by Tuesday.

Here's the undeniable truth - and the media and a world of hype lovers may not like this answer - but Brian Hoyer is, and should be, the starting QB of the Browns.

Think about this: What can Manziel possibly show against the Redskins Monday night that would potentially unseat Hoyer? We're talking about a limited number of snaps vs. a hodgepodge of starters and back-ups.

Also, let's not lose sight of the fact that Hoyer played well last weekend. It's not like he has played himself out of the job, or that Johnny Football has played himself INTO a job. Missing wide open receivers out of the backfield while you scamper for a six-yard gain isn't some badge on which you can hang the starting position.

What's even more discouraging for Browns fans should be that Manziel was just fined for being late to practice, and you can't hit me with "who cares?" on this one. If he is too stupid to realize he is living under a microscope and that every single one of his actions has the potential to make news (positively or negatively), than he is too stupid to be a starting QB in the NFL. If he is too immature to care, than he is too immature to lead a huddle full of grown-ass men that play football to pay their bills.

Either way, it's yet another indication that he is not ready to lead. When you combine that with the fact that he is not capable of leading with his play at this point, it leads to a simple choice for Pettine.

Remember, the Browns are not opening their season at home against a weak team like the Jaguars. They have the unenviable task of kicking off their year IN Pittsburgh. Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick LaBeau would absolutely destroy Johnny Football in week one, there's no disputing that.

Browns fans only have one logical outcome to cheer for: one that is best for the franchise for week one and beyond. Let Hoyer play until the job is EARNED by Manziel.

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