The Little Podcast That Could

Two years ago I was a crazy musician with a silly dream... to talk about football.

I still remember the looks from friends and co-workers when I said, "I have finally found my passion, and it's football sports talk." Some of the responses were shock, some were disbelief, and some simply laughed it off.

But that's OK. I've always felt like the key to life is finding your unique voice and pursuing a way to make that voice heard by the masses. Information. Opinion. Entertainment. Unique perspective. All of that has to come together with an infusion of passion to accomplish impact.

That was my goal, is my goal and will always be my goal: To leave a mark on the world that directly effects someone's day, mood or thoughts.

Two years ago I distinctly remember hiding in the corner of a locker room on the road to do the show, embarrassed that someone might see me, judge me or laugh at me. But each week brought more confidence, and continually raised the undeniable need within me to scream from the mountain tops and have the world hear what I have to say.

Because each and every one of you allowed this voice to make some level of impact in your lives, the sports world noticed. NFL writers, media personalities and musicians that I'm close with started to believe in the show and decided to come on as guests.

Then Andy came on board to elevate the humor infusion in the show. Then Sunny, after showing support in every way possible since day one, and several of my closest friends (Steve, Michelle, Greg & more), started committing weekly blocks of their time to be a part of this passion project as voice actors.

It truly takes a village to deliver The Jason Fitz Show every week, and I've had some weeks where all the sweat and effort resulted in a mere dozens of listeners. But we have brought this thing up together as a community that wants something different.

CBS Sports, CBS Radio & the Play.IT family have welcomed me in to the fold in ways I only dreamed of. To allow us to keep making the show that we love with no constraints and assisted by their marketing and media expertise is mindblowing.

Now, just a week after announcing the CBS deal, we are set to make our debut this Sunday, July 19, on SiriusXM NFL Channel 88 from 5-7 p.m. Eastern. They're allowing us a platform because they have seen the power that this podcast and its audience can have.

I'm humbled. I'm fortunate. I'm reminded that outworking everyone and wildly chasing your passions can truly be rewarded. Most importantly, I'm thankful. For Sunny, my amazing wife,  and the Garrison family that support my chaos. For Andy Goldstein and all he has done to push me toward being better and making the show more amazing every week. For Cork, McClain, Cosell, Dominik, La Canfora, Trotter, King, Lewan, Mett, Hoyer... all the guys who have become friends and have put their reputations on the line to refer me to potential guests. But most importantly, I'm thankful for you, the audience.

You've made my dreams come true, no matter where the Podcast goes from here. We set out to make an impact, to get noticed and to leave our mark on the Podcast and sports talk world. If anything, the successes of the past few weeks prove we have accomplished at least that.

Thank you all. We are all so, so, so, so, sincerely humbled to be a part of your lives.


P.S. Tune in to SiriusXm NFL Channel 88 this Sunday from 5-7 p.m, Eastern and call in to the show at 1-877-NFL-KICK