The Next Wave of NFL Trademarks

Since Johnny Manziel lost his starting job, it seems he has decided to spend his time in a board room with his advisers instead of the film room with the other quarterbacks.

It was announced today that Manziel has submitted paperwork to trademark "Johnny Cleveland." I know. Awful. This is the 10th trademark filed by Manziel's company, and the latest crackpot opportunity for Manziel to make some side cash before he's had the chance to prove his worth, if any, on the gridiron. After all, coke and poolside cabanas don't come cheap, people, and the man has a certain lifestyle he needs to maintain.

That being said, we here at The Jason Fitz Show have decided to help some other football personalities maximize their potential with marketing placements and monetizing opportunities. Feel free to give the TJFS Team a small cut of the ensuing riches:

Ray Rice-A-Roni - "Hit your wife with this fantastic side dish suggestion!"

Josh Gordon's Fisherman Fish Sticks - "The perfect deep-fried side for anyone with the munchies!"

Ken Whisenhunt's WHIZENHUNTER - Download this app today to find the closest public restroom!

Lawrence Taylor's Tots - A "less seasoned" escort delivery service.

Erin Andrews Keyhole Covers - Simply slip this cover over your hotel keyhole so YOU won't fall victim to disgusting perverts!

The Michael Crabtree Punching Bag (brought to you by Richard Sherman) - The newest workout craze, this punching bag actually talks trash as your workout continues, and wilts away by the end of the session.

Do you have a great trademark idea for an NFL personality? Hit the comments section on the website, tweet me or call the hotline, 615-800-7058 and gimme what ya got!

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Happy Week One!

- JF