Personal Responsibility

Finally, the NFL did the right thing and admitted their punishment of Ray "Tarzan" Rice was horrid.

They fixed their policy on domestic violence, admitted their failure and have made a strong statement moving forward. Owning and fixing failure, as I tweeted Thursday, is the measure of a man.

Why am I bringing this up today? Because the epidemic of passing off responsibility is growing in the NFL. Players have defended Josh Gordon's actions and blamed antiquated rules on marijuana consumption. Analysts say the potential tampering incident involving Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shouldn't matter because it's "just a friendly phone call."

It's completely asinine.

A rule is a rule, and grown-ass men should be smart enough to see this. I would expect this from a child... 'It wasn't my fault, because the teacher, blah blah blah." "I didn't know because, blah blah blah." These are millionaires and billionaires who think the rules don't apply to them.

Personally, I hope people like this get hit harder with the rule book simply because they continue to act like kids who are above the very rules they approved when agreeing to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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