When 0-2 Doesn't Matter

Much of what you read right now about the Indianapolis Colts will focus on the team's disappointing 0-2 start. Let me please be the voice of reason today, and in advance of the stories I'm quite certain we will be reading in a few months about the Colt's tremendous turnaround.

We live in a reactionary society where social media fuels immediate analysis and the panic button always seems to be one tweet away from being pushed, and through that process, we lose the most important thing we should have as educated people in an evolved society: perspective.

Stats mean nothing without first taking the time to consider the how and why, and that's why this 0-2 is meaningless. The Colts started against Denver and Philadelphia, arguably the two toughest games on their schedule in 2014. In fact, I would argue that they should be deemed an even more threatening team after seeing them in both of those games. They were winnable, and a handful of plays made the difference between 0-2, and at the very least, 1-1.  

No one would be surprised to see the Colts be the favorite in 10 of their remaining 14 games on the schedule, and with New England, Cincinnati and Baltimore all coming to Indy, there is no reason to expect this Colts team isn't still a 10-12 win team.

So, we will read the stories of statistics right now, and the "mountain" that Indy must climb, without taking in to account their opponents or remaining schedule. And in a month, we will read about the way the Colts "righted the ship" and have battled back to become an AFC favorite. The truth? It's really simple. This is a quality football team that is exactly what we all should have expected, and a contender among the AFC elite that plays tight with the best and will be better than the rest.

- JF