The Truth About the Jets Loss

Last night won't be remembered as a close game between division rivals.  It won't be remembered for the unwarranted controversy behind the ref's involvement at the end of the game, or the game that Geno Smith could've sent to overtime with slightly better ball placement. The weather, the valiant effort on the field and the close outcome will all be an afterthought to what really happened last night.  Last night the current New York Jets regime died on national television for the world to watch.

By dropping to 1-6 last night the already inevitable ending to the Jets season became too prominent to ignore.  The lack of personnel certainly puts Jets' GM John Idzik squarely on the "fire asap" list, given his available cap space and inability to fill the roster with good players.  But more importantly, it puts the nail in the coffin for the Rex Ryan administration.  Maybe it's time.... maybe Rex AND the Jets need a change of scenery.  But ultimately, this opens Pandora's Box for the Jets.  Just ask the Titans and Raiders.  Revolving coaches and repeatedly poor draft choices at the QB position gets people fired.  But it also sets franchises back YEARS.

Jake Locker?  Vince Young?  Coach Killers.  Matt Flynn, Matt Schaub?  GM Killers.  This loss for the Jets proves that they are in full rebuilding mode.  Last night wasn't about the game.... it was about the consequences of another loss for the Jets.  Young players are going to be shown the door, coaches are dusting off their resumes, Front Office staffs and Scouting Departments are thinking more about job security than the work to do, and the entire franchise immediately occupies its space near the bottom of the trash heap of NFL Teams. 

Now What?  A big name hire?  A big name GM?  A coach that can handle the NY media and fan base?  These aren't easy things to find, and it's not like these people grow on trees.  The consequence of last night's loss have very little to do with how Jets fans feel this morning and EVERYTHING to do with the rebuilding phase that Jets fans are now assured to be suffering through for the months and possibly years to come.