The mid first round rumor mill

Well, it's the middle of the first day of the draft and that means suddenly news is popping out from everywhere.  Let's at least remember, though, to analyze the benefits of certain rumors.  When teams like the Giants are suddenly reported as "very interested" in Manziel if he slips into their laps, I'm left to wonder what point that rumor has.  Who does it benefit?  Does it benefit the Giants to say such a thing if they are truly interested?  Not in any way that I can see.  It would only benefit the Giants if they are, in fact, trying to seduce teams into moving up to get a falling player. That's the reality here we must not forget when we watch the draft.  Teams sitting at the top of the 2nd round might seriously be looking at opportunities to move up and get a "hype" player like Johnny Football.  If you believe that greatness is still out there and it's not a perceived value because the player is slipping into the middle of the round, you can become the hero of your fan base and the darling of post draft media coverage by making the move UP to get someone.  Let's face it.... fans are rarely pumped for the trade down scenario, but smart teams do it all the time.  So,  remember when you are hearing all these last second rumors that every piece of news reported has a result.  Analyzing that benefit can sometimes help decipher fact from fiction in these crazy times.