The Eve of the Draft

The draft finally takes shape tomorrow.... and I'm humbled to have launched two shows today, both with incredible guests.  The recurring theme through both shows seems to be that this is the time of year filled with questions.  How are rosters shaping up.... what direction are teams going in.... the interesting thing about those very questions, however, is that we are answering our own questions looking through the eternally half full glass that is unquestionably wired into us as fans.  For so many superfans - and yes, let's be honest.... if you are studying the draft to the degree most of us are, you qualify as a superfan.... fandom is almost like an abusive relationship.  We are hoping for a new result, believing our team has changed or that somehow this season will be different.  It's that very belief that the NFL preys upon and fans fall into the annual trap of thinking this will be the year their favorite team becomes triumphant.  Tomorrow, as I said in my show today, is like Christmas in May.  Each of our favorite teams will get all sorts of new toys to play with.  What will be interesting, though, is to see how many of those toys still hold our interest a year later.  Here's to the first annual eve of the draft writing on this site.  I hope that each year as the show continues to grow, our focus can be spent looking back at previous drafts where perspective can actually exist.  In the meantime, I will do what so many of you out there are going to do tomorrow.  I'll gather with a small group of friends and each of us will walk away from the draft weekend convinced that our teams has made the dramatic moves necessary to leap forward to the next level of competitiveness.