Special Guest John McClain (Houston Chronicle, NFL Hall of Fame voter) joins us to talk coaching hires, relocation & more. Then,the Patriots we love/love to hate,new coaches doomed,Glenn Frey, & more.

Houston Chronicle writer, NFLN & ESPN regular & NFL Hall of Fame voter John McClain joins us on this week's podcast! We talk about the coaches that didn't get an interview, surprise hirings and firings, relocation, Glenn Fry memories and more!
Also, we take a look at our obsession with hating the Patriots (the very team all of our favorite teams are measured against) and we look at which coaches are already making moves that doom them in their brand new gigs.
All this plus a hearfelt TJFS Top 4 paying tribute to the late Glenn Frey and Eagles influence in my life, a hot Hollywood Halftime Minute and some comedic mock ads to make you laugh along the way.
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