The truth about the handling of Brady, Understanding off season reporting & special guest (Raiders guru) Steve Corkran

We break down the Brady appeal in the most level headed and brutally honest way in the opening monologue of today's show.  Next up, we go with a #TJFSTop4 that will have rap fans ready to chime in (and possible rip our heads off).

30 minutes in to today's episode we are joined by frequent TJFS contributor and all around Raiders guru Steve Corkran (@corkonthenfl) to talk about the upcoming season, the new coaching regime, the off season as a whole and, of course, where the #Raiders will be playing their games in 2016.

The show closes out with a little perspective on off season reporting and, as always, we have some amazing comedic ads mixed in along the way to make you laugh.  Be sure to check out one of my new favorites, a UFC inspired ad, at the 50 minute mark of the show.

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