Why the combine IS important, AFC West & South available free agent talk, NFLPA Exec Director Candidate Andrew Smith & more!

On this week's edition of The Jason Fitz Show I take a hard stance for why I believe the NFL Combine IS incredibly important.  Also, we continue our look at upcoming Free Agents by looking at the free agents available in the AFC West (Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers) and the AFC South (Titans, Colts, Texans and Jaguars).

Also, we are joined by special guest Andrew Smith, who recently announced his candidacy in the race for NFLPA Exececutive Director.  We find out how he feels about the issues DeMAurice Smith has faced, the future of the CBA and more.

All this with our signature humor and mock ads mixed in along the way!  Be sure to subscribe on ITunes and check back for new episodes every Wednesday.