Stability in the week to week NFL, Jon Bon Jovi the owner a joint interview with special guests Seahawks' Jon Ryan and comedian Sarah Colonna

We take a look at the what stability means in the NFL, and how difficult it is to attain not only week to week but year in and year out on this week's show. We also look at franchises like the Saints, Giants, Jags and Chargers facing decisions moving forward.
Then, we are joined by power couple Jon Ryan (Seattle Seahaws punter) and Sarah Colonna (comedian) to talk about football from both sides of their relationship, as well as trash talking and Christmas Karaoke.
Lastly, we look at the joke that is Jon Bon Jovi NFL owner.
All this, plus a Christmas themed #TJFSTop4, the return of The Hollywood Halftime Minute and some AMAZING new holiday inspired comedic ads.