A week of NFL positivity, from teams having great years to a reason for hope for some bad teams. Plus, we look at Indy, NFL on the web and more!

It's finally time to turn around the negative news cycle with an episode of The Jason Fitz Show focuses on reasons for hope.

We take a look at some franchises and fans enjoying incredible (and under covered) years, praising the Steelers, Jets, Raiders, Cardinals, Panthers & more!  Also, we let fans of the league's worst teams, like the Bears, 49ers, Lions, Texans, Chargers, Chiefs and even the Ravens know why things are going to be ok, and quickly get turned around.

Also, we dive in to the awful state of the AFC South and how the future of how we all consume NFL games may have changed last Sunday!

All this plus a #TJFSTop4 that brings some great TV memories back, an awesome Hollywood Halftime Minute and some all new comedic mock ads to make you laugh along the way.

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