Evaluating teams by more than just their win loss record, why the Falcons are a fraud, stability in Cincy, the nfl's lack of institutional control regarding officiating, the Caldwell effect & more

It's time to look at teams beyond simply talking about their win / loss record & we will break down teams that have hope and teams that are sitting on top of a house of cards. It's not just the Broncos that may be a fraud, and we will tell you why this could be the only year Falcons fans can cheer. Also, we break down patience and stability being rewarded for the Bengals, the killer Caldwell effect in Detroit, jubilation in Chicago, more terrible officiating in the NFL & more. All that plus our weekly TJFS Top 4, some all new comedic mock ads and our signature Hollywood Halftime Minute mixed in to make you laugh along the way. Be sure you are subscribing on iTunes and Play.it to hear us every single week!