Hell of a Summer

Thanks to all of you that spent the summer hanging out with me, even though I did a terrible job of keeping this page updated.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow me @jasonfitz to keep up with all that is happening.  Thanks for listening while I held down the fort on Jalen & Jacoby all summer, and please consider giving me a listen starting again this Sunday night as Jordan & Fitz returns (with me and Jordan Rogers) to break down all of the Sunday football action on your local ESPN affiliate.

I'm humbled and thankful to all that support or hate along the journey.  You have all given me my dreams.

Excited to be back with ESPN!

I can't thank all of you enough for the support over the last year.  If you saw me on College Football Daily on ESPNU last fall, listened to me as a fill in on ESPN radio, watched my on NFL Live in February or listened to me with Jordan Rogers on Jordan & Fitz on Sunday nights in the winter you helped make the next step possible!  Excited to be hosting Mike & Mike on July 3rd and 4th with my good friend Mike Golic, Jr.  Tune in and hang out with us!  I'll post a link in this entry as soon as one is available for the podcast version.